♥ Before the I DOs... ♥

Said YES to the Dress!

Wedding Gown…. CHECK!

Saturday’s shopping trip was quite the success story.

Mom and I started the day at Bridal’s by Sandra for our 11:30am appointment.  My consultant, Alicia, took us back into our room to get a feel of me, our wedding and what I was looking for in my dress.  And yes, I totally felt like I was on my newest NetFlix obsession, “Say Yes to the Dress”.  She disappeared for a while and came back with several dresses to try on.

The first dress was amazing, and had everything that I mentioned to her. Different than anything I had previously visualized, but that is the benefit of the fresh eyes and ears of the consultant!  I tried on about 6 other dresses.  The last one was gorgeous… “if”.  We made a few modifications to it, and I thought this could be it.  I didn’t feel comfortable in that decision enough to cancel my second appointment elsewhere, later in the day, but I asked to put on #1 again.  Mom gasped when seeing it again and I could feel tears starting to form.  This was the one, I just knew it.  After the typical sales lines “Ooooo…. that could be tough to get for October” and then the “Great News! It’ll be in August 1st… if you order it today“, I knew deep down I was going to be ordering this dress and cancelling that second appointment.  And I did just that. 🙂  ONLY “bad” thing is, I don’t think the shoes I originally picked out (and bought) will work.  Oh the horror, Dana needs to go shoe shopping again!  LOL.

On the way home, we still stopped at David’s, since mom wanted to try on a dress I found for her online.  We waited just a few minutes for our walk-in appointment (time spent browsing the Mother of the Bride section anyway…). Then we got to switch places and SHE tried on a few dresses (including my original pick).  Success there too! We walked outta there less than an hour later and her MOB dress ordered.

While visiting with multiple family members this weekend, I was pleasantly aware of how many answers I had to their questions about the planning progress. Either got to say “already booked” or had some sort of idea or link saved to what I was going to do.  I guess I really am on top of things!

All in all, quite the productive weekend!

Hard Rock, Rivera Maya

On another (exciting!) note, Mike called and booked our honeymoon on Friday!  With many many thanks to my future in-laws for letting us use some of their timeshare points towards our room, we’re headed to Heaven at the Hard Rock Hotel Rivera Maya for 7 days of All-Inclusive bliss.

This weekend coming up, in additional to Valentine’s Day on Friday, we have a tasting/vendor event at our reception venue!  Since we’ll be in the area, scouting rehearsal dinner venues and booking a block of rooms at a couple hotels is also on the itinerary.

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