♡ A Dream is a Wish ♡, ➶ Following My Own Arrow ➶

Apologies, Updates and a whole lot of LOVE…

So… it’s been over 7 months since my last blog post, so for that, I am sorry (and a little ashamed!).  Life got real interesting, real fast. And though, I would love to say I documented it all to remember this point in my life – I slacked big time. Here’s hoping I get reflective in the future and do a few flashbacks.  🙂  BUT… I write to you today, October 17th, almost 37 weeks pregnant with our little GIRL who is due November 10th… just a few weeks away.

As you’ve followed for months, I’ve wanted to be pregnant and a mom for as long as I can remember. Hard to believe that the first part of that finally happened and is actually coming to a close. But the mom part… oh, it hits me with a wave of emotion when I sit in her nursery and imagine all she’ll be. And all she’ll make ME.

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