➶ Following My Own Arrow ➶

Dear Self… (Lovey Dovey Edition)

Dear just turned 25 year old Dana,

You just met your best friend. The man who you’ll fall deeply in love with, marry, and one day hope and pray to have a family with. He’s a man who will look at you like the prince looks at the princess in those Disney fairy tales you love. Sometimes you’ll roll your eyes when he compliments you “too much”, but don’t. You don’t ever want to silence that kind of affection. You’ll learn to love yourself in a whole new way because of his love for you. He’s has a kind, gentle heart – and even though you may get hurt over the years, he never means to do that.

Oh, Dana… it’ll take you years to realize all this. Maybe thinking something better is around the corner. Thinking the distance between you just isn’t worth it, but it so is. Be patient. You’ll get another shot… and another… and another. You see, you both couldn’t get your stuff worked out… but in just over 6 years from now – a week or so after Valentine’s Day, that’ll all change. That (fourth) first date will feel like you’ve know each other forever and something will click along the way that this was the right time.

Don’t worry that everyone else is getting married already. Timing is everything, and there’s a reason for everything. It’s true, you’ll look back at all that time “wasted” apart and wonder if things would be different if you got together for good sooner. But rest assured that God works in mysterious ways.

So, listen to me. Don’t let that guy out of your life. He’s a keeper. xo


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