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Take the Good Stuff…

Well, the TWW (two-week wait) is over. I went in for bloodwork this morning, and now we wait for the results. I’ve mused before, but I believe the 5-7 hours waiting for that phone call feels just as long as the TWW.

But here we go… next steps!
While any number over 5 (amount of hCG actually present in the blood) is considered pregnant, Shady Grove likes the number above 100. That’s not to say that lower numbers won’t raise or higher numbers are safer.  After all, my initial beta was 265 back in May 2017 and still lead to miscarriage.  So while initial numbers are a guide… the most vital part is that numbers almost double every 48-72 hours. If a positive number today, I can expect to have blood drawn 2-3 more times to confirm numbers are rising over the next week or so. You really CAN be “a little bit pregnant”.

Who knew trying to get pregnant was so complicated!? But, this something that happens inside women in normal pregnancies… they just test 2-4 weeks later than fertility patients, so their HCG levels have already done their magic.J-sL8XF4_400x400I can only hope and pray at this point that the lab “took good blood” and I have a positive result. And if I do… consider my silence a good thing. 😉 You won’t hear from me until bloodwork continues to climb and there is some confirmation.


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