♥ Before the I DOs... ♥

Wedding Party COMPLETE! :)

And now… everyone who is IN the wedding, knows they’re in the wedding! We were waiting to ask the VA Beach kids in person, and our visit last weekend allowed us to do that!  They are really excited and that in itself is exciting. We even took my Jr. Bridesmaid, Bailey, for her dress appointment and it’s now ordered! And flower girl dresses are actually IN already!

This last week, we also reserved our spot for the Rehearsal Dinner. Hotel Blocks and Wedding Party Transportation is in process and we should be check that off the list soon!  I like checking things off the “to do” list, can you tell? 😉

Other plans seem to be rolling along nicely.  Looking forward to the first weekend in April when our parents will (finally) meet!  We have a full Saturday planned for them to see the wedding and rehearsal dinner venues.  Should be a great weekend.

This week: getting our engagement shoot scheduled for April! Can’t wait!

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