♥ Before the I DOs... ♥

Moving right along…

Last night, we met with and hired our photographer!  WooHoo!
We especially excited because she has done several weddings at Morningside already, so her team already knows the best places for the best shots. Such great piece of mind.

I have to admit, although I know I was overwhelmed in my “research” phase with all of the information I was gathering, it has really helped me when meeting with vendors.  I don’t feel like they’re just telling me things I want to hear and I feel like I’m actually PART of the conversation, rather than just a lot of “uh-huhs” for what they’ll do.

This weekend is my dress shopping weekend in PA with my mom… and I am SO very excited.  Of course they’re calling for snow. Come on Mother Nature, work with me here! 🙂  I have a good amount of specific dresses that I want to try on, but I’m actually looking forward to letting them pick something for me to try on!  Hoping traveling is a breeze and to come back home to MD having a dress ordered!

Mike’s work schedule will get crazy in the matter of a few short months, so we are trying to get as many things checked off the list before April. After that, I’ll be turning into a DIY Queen!

Until then, we have some pretty fabulous weekends ahead…

Tonight… honeymoon discussion!


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