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The Evolution of a Resolution

Happy New Year! One week in, and I got to thinking... I'm terrible at keeping resolutions. Remember when you were younger and resolutions were easier? Something like - resolving to clean up your plate after dinner. Or do something the first time mom asked.  Ok, those are actually probably pretty good. But MAN - easy.… Continue reading The Evolution of a Resolution

♡ A Dream is a Wish ♡

Some days are harder than others…

September's IUI (#5) was technically a "success" in terms of sperm finding egg, but I very quickly miscarried. Initial Beta was only at 22 (positive=5; but they like to see "100"), so if there was any silver lining, my hopes didn't raise much like the last time. But, like the last time, the horrendous heartbreak… Continue reading Some days are harder than others…