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Let the Games Begin!

But let me back up. A lot has happened in the almost 3 weeks since our last catch-up! If you remember, my last blog post was a few days after our IVF consultation and we were told we needed to wait on the insurance authorization. I refuse to go into complete detail, as it involved a LOT of follow-up , frustration, and angry rants (to myself, my husband and friends) on my part. Let’s just say that the financial side of my fertility clinic is subpar compared to their medical professionals. I understand (more than most), there is a process for everything – but when the system is broken… fix it.

Also, because you hear such horror stories, I need to say that the customer service I received from my insurance was a God sent.  After weeks of emails/calling/following up with my doctor’s office, once Shady Grove FINALLY sent everything into the carrier, insurance authorized all my procedures in ONE business day. ONE. I had given them a heads up to the situation prior to anything being submitted and they were literally keeping tabs on it. I received a phone call FROM my carrier to let me know they still hadn’t received anything.  So, just food for thought… it’s not always about the insurance companies. Be thorough with your doctor’s offices that their side is done in a timely manner on their end.

But I digress.

Last Wednesday, I received authorization from my insurance carrier, and forwarded this information – with a plea for assistance – to my financial counselor at the office. As of last Friday, I STILL did not have confirmation that Shady Grove had entered the number (that I had hunted down myself, mind you) into their system, thus – not allowing me to proceed. Technically.

Since my first appointment was Monday, I decided to go anyway. I knew the insurance was approved, and I was only waiting for my clinic’s computers to catch up, so anything that was submitted would be (hopefully) fine. Imagine my delight when I received my IVF Authorization Letter as I was in the waiting room for my procedure. (This letter was almost immediately recalled, and I just had to laugh. I thankfully did receive a revised copy later that day with a new (lower!) deposit amount… phew!)  So Tuesday, was possibly the best day of the cycle so far! I was able to pay the deposit and OFFICIALLY breathe a sigh of much needed relief.

Monday’s procedure was a “mock” transfer to check out uterus shape, etc, etc. Everything went very well, so between that and Tuesday – I’d say it was a pretty good week!

Also, yesterday, I took my last BCP, and this morning I had my baseline bloodwork and ultrasound. Everything looks normal (i.e. quiet!) and I was given instructions/my calendar for my first days of injections. Plus, since this afternoon I received the bloodwork results that everything is normal, I was given the green light to begin STIMS (stimulation phase) this Sunday. (Side Note: Here’s hoping I’ll be doing my first injections after the EAGLES win the Super Bowl! 🙂

img_2390.jpgAnd oh, the medications are NO. JOKE. I mean, I’ve seen pictures of people’s stash for years going through this – but to see your own protocol all in one place – well, it’s a little intimidating to say the least.

But here we are… happily, three days away from the next installment of “Project: Making Baby Thomas”. Made with lots and lots of love… and a little science.  😉


5 thoughts on “Let the Games Begin!”

  1. Ah Stims, so much fun….. When you’re ready to pull your hair out, barking at your hubby for no reason, eating chocolate for the third time that day, and your ovaries feel like their the size of softballs, remember it’s only 7 to 14 days and doesn’t last forever.
    AND…… it will all be worth it in the end.❤

    As for insurance and financial “directors”…. keep everything. Every EBO, every bill, every receipt. I’m still waiting on a refund of over payment because my insurance paid part of my transfer, which I’ve received the EBO for, but the financial director says it has not yet been processed by my insurance yet. Stay on top of them.

    Above all else, keep the faith, good luck, and baby dust to the two of you. As always, if you need anything, have any questions, contact me any time. Lots of love ❤


    1. Thank you so much! Honestly, as much as I hated the last 3 weeks and having everything approved for up front – our clinic also requires prepayment. So, while charges can still occur if anything changes (which obviously can happen!), we’ve already paid for everything. (They suggested we get our drugs first to reach the deductible, then they could charge us the amount left over… actually a good suggestion, and eliminate the back and back after the fact.)


      1. Yep us too. Everything was prepaid, then you get “refunded” what the insurance covers. Pain in the booth, but so worth it in the end.


    1. Booth, LOL. Oh, we “only” pre-paid what the insurance didn’t cover already. At least to my understanding between talking with our financial counselor and the insurance carrier. I know all the procedures and everything are already in their system. Especially since we had already met our deductible with the drugs.. we “just” paid our co-insurance.


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