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Not All Strength Is Loud

Thursday, February 22nd we transferred one top grade 1, near-perfect (Grade AB, for those of you in the know), 5-day blastocyst.   We'll find out over the next couple days if any made it to freeze, but for now... wishing, hoping, dreaming, praying this little embaby sticks. I'm going to be completely honest with you. Before… Continue reading Not All Strength Is Loud

➶ Following My Own Arrow ➶

If You Can’t Find Something… CLEAN UP.

Throughout this year (and hopefully beyond), I want to share some things I might discover along the way... email subscriptions, articles, blogs, books (regular and audio), quotes, songs (oh, so many songs!). Some things I come across just really resonate with me.  Top of my book list, is last year's find "The Happiness Project by… Continue reading If You Can’t Find Something… CLEAN UP.