♡ A Dream is a Wish ♡

And just like that…

… we enter the TWW. Again.

This cycle FLEW by. And considering this cycle was so heavily monitered, that’s saying something. CD 3, 4, 5 I injected 112.5iu of Follisitim, then went in for monitoring CD6 and they switched me to 100iu on days 6-8 – with bloodwork and ultrasound Days 3, 6, 8, 9, 10 to watch the follicle progression.  Imagine my surprise when I got a call from my doctor on Day10  with instructions to trigger that night and IUI would be Friday.  Both, at least a day earlier than my normal schedule.

I have to admit, that when I heard Dr. Mottla’s voice instead of my nurse who usually calls – I was a little nervous something was wrong. I knew I had two pretty good follicles (yay!) and quite a few smaller ones, so I was scared some others grew and they’d cancel the cycle. I should mention that Shady Grove will cancel a cycle for anything over 4 follicles because of the super duper high chance of multiples.

Anyway, he called to discuss my chance of multiples this cycle, but knowing my body and how I react to things – he still felt comfortable continuing.  Phew! And, onward!

So, everything went smoothly today. It was definitely my best cycle, and not to share too much, but it was the best on Mike’s end too. They’ll proceed with the procedure as long as sperm count (after wash) is over 3 million. Between all our cycles, there’s been around 6, 4, 9 and 8. This cycle? 15 Million of those boys! 🙂 Everyone there seems really hopeful and I have to be honest – it’s going to be REALLY hard not to get my hopes up during this TWW.

Beta test is Friday the 13th (10/13), so fingers crossed and here’s hoping.

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