♡ A Dream is a Wish ♡


I received that phone call… no, no, no – not that one. The one I’ve been waiting for… “Hi Dana, this is Ann from Dr. Mottla’s office. I have some good news for you…”.

Beta #1 bloodwork results (where anything over 5 is pregnant, but they say 100 is a good number) came back yesterday. 265 HCG mIU/ml.. 265! My nurse sounded very happy with that number. But of course, the important thing is that my numbers increase (by 60% according to Shady Grove) every 48 hours.

So, Beta #2 TOMORROW… and we’re hoping for at least 424.

I am elated – to say the least. I am chomping at the bit to tell someone… anyone! But like I said before (and desperately trying to keep a level head), I want… no, NEED, more bloodwork before telling our parents. And subsequently, all the people who have been in my corner.

(This post, written 5/11, was kept private. But I still wanted to keep a record of this time…)

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