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Beta Day

IUI day and the TWW week have come and gone. Today, I went for my Beta blood test and the most agonizing wait until the results call (between 12-3) begins.

It’s been a rough 2 weeks. More than previous times, I’ve been in some moderate amount of discomfort. And though my googling fingers will say that it could all be an early sign of pregnancy, I’m prepared for the worst.  I’ve never gotten that GOOD call, so it’s easier to picture a negative than the overwhelming postive.

I’ve been thinking (stressing) a lot lately about what to tell to who and when. They down side of putting this story out there is that you all know when these tests are. But even IF there is a positive today, I will need at least 2 more blood tests to confirm viability over the course of the next week. Also, don’t you think our parents should know first (and only after confirmed)? I certainly do. So, in other words – consider no news, good news and you’ll know when you know. 😉 (And, note, thank you for caring.)

As this cycle comes to a close, I feel oddly at peace. I thought a lot over the last two weeks and after discussing with Mike (who really just refers to me in these situations), we decided that if it is negative, we’re talking this summer “off”. Insurance will only allow 4 per year (which honestly, is plenty to do to a body!) and with only 3 left until April 2018 – we’d have to break at some point anyway. Now, OF COURSE I want that big fat positive (BFP). But I feel also at peace with a break to let my body (and mind) recover from a very stressful first part of this year. We’ve been testing and having procedures since October, so having some time to “regroup” before starting any additional necessary procedures feels like the right thing to do.  Although… so does planning a nursery. 😉

Thinking happy, positive thoughts! xo

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