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Here We Go Again

After getting the negative pregnancy bloodwork results on Friday, we went back and forth a few times on whether to start back up with my next cycle.

Day 1 hit like clockwork this Monday, so once we settled some insurance questions (my plan restarts April 1, so we were being responsible and figuring out deductible math) we decided to continue our momentum and start on attempt #2 right away.


And away we go… I just got back from my Day 3 baseline test.  Since I JUST had a bloodtest, I didn’t even need bloodwork (nice to give those veins a rest now and then ;). Just an ultrasound to check around that everything is “ready” to go and make sure there were no cysts.
I start taking the Clomid tonight thru Sunday and continue with the injections on Day 9, an ultrasound on 11 to check follicle count and hopefully the “trigger” shot that night.  Same course as last time (unless something happens between now and then), if you’ve been following along. 😉
Then, our 2nd IUI procedure will be around Day 14, and then the dreaded LOOOOOONG two week wait before my “Beta” (pregnancy) bloodwork.
Funny thing is – that’s just a repeat of our last 4 weeks and it feels like FOREVER since the beginning.
But… only way to go is onward. Fingers crossed, hopes in check…. xo

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