♡ A Dream is a Wish ♡

And now, we wait…

Friday proved to be an intersting day, to say the least. We DID in fact get that call from the Dr. on Wednesday that we were a go! So it was a trigger injection on Wednesday, “day of rest” on Thursday, and procedure on Friday.

Although I was nervous to boot, the procedure went very smoothly. That said, I was in pain the rest of the day. I wasn’t expecting to have that much cramping… I only made it through a little over an hour back at work before I had to lay down. Fetal position was really the only way to be comfortable.

I woke up Saturday so much better. Feel strange – but better!

But now, we wait… the dreaded 2 weeks in between procedure and bloodtest.

And though I’m CAUTIOUSLY excited, I’m more of a realist and the chances of the first IUI actually working are only 18-20%.

So March 10th we’ll know for sure. Here’s hoping for a quick 2 weeks! 🙂


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