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Day 11 | Just. Got. Real.

Had my day 11 blood work and ultrasound this morning… I almost cried when the Technician told me the I had a follicle ready for trigger.

Met with the nurse for further instructions and she said if the bloodwork comes back good this afternoon, I’ll be giving myself the trigger injection this evening and to go ahead and make the appointment(s) for our IUI procedure Friday morning. So. Many. Emotions. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

As I sit at the pharmacy waiting for a Rx to be filled (they want my lining a little thicker, most likely thinned by the Clomid), I’m consumed with how far we’ve come. It’ll be 28 months, almost to the day, since we’ve started trying. I know I didn’t think it would take this long or that this is the route we’d have to travel. But we’re almost there. So close I can just about see it.

I am cautiously hopeful. It’s so hard not to be down right giddy about today’s news, but on the other hand – there’s still A LOT that has to go right. I take comfort in knowing we’ve made it this far.

On a side note, this Friday is Mike and I’s 5th anniversary of our “4th first date”… so the day we officially got back together. This day is already pretty special (known as the day we both got our heads out of our asses ;), but to possibly conceive a baby on the same date would truly make my heart soar.

Anxiously waiting this afternoon’s phone call from the doc. Fingers crossed.

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