♡ A Dream is a Wish ♡

Time to continue our saga

So… it’s been awhile. Like, over 7 months awhile.

Brief catch up… about a week after my last post I lost my job (and subsequently, my health insurance) which put us in a HUGE set back as far as continuing our appointments. I had to cancel my last appointment at the endocrinologist so I didn’t even get the results from that last blood panel.

A day after losing my job, I became “mama” to this little (but not so little anymore) guy, Reagan.

I found a job in not too much of time, considering, and my insurance started up again August 1.

Since I was overdue for my annual lady doc appt, I waited until then to get a NEW referral for our ongoing fertility issues. It’s no secret to anyone reading this that I was frustrated with the last place and not getting anywhere (to say the least).

After hearing my frustrations with the first place, she recommended going directly to Shady Grove. For those who don’t know, Shady Grove is a pretty wide spread fertility clinic on the east coast. This was always our end game anyway. The other endocrinologist was just supposed to get my hormones in check since my prolactin levels were WAY off the charts. And while elevated prolactin directly impacts fertility, it’s also treated with medication that doesn’t need to be fertility specific. But I digress.

Our first appointment, our consultation, was October 19th. We spoke with Dr. Mottla, who would be handling our case and he was very optimistic of our chances to conceive through drug treatments and hopefully IUI.

During our first visit we also spoke with our personal nurse who is guiding us through the process. Checklists were given to both Mike and myself. Let’s just say, his was shorter.


  • Blood draws for my initial screening, infectious disease and blood type done. Mostly came back normal with the exception of low vitamin D levels and (surprise, surprise) elevated prolactin levels.
  • Blood work for both Mike and myself for the family prep screening
  • Internal ultrasound to check follicles, uterine lining, uterine size, etc. – all good.
  • An HSG procedure to check that my tubes were acting appropriately and could transport the egg – all good, or as the doctor said “that’s exactly how it should look”.
  • MORE blood work to triple check the prolactin levels… all consistent.


Though it was a little frustrating to go through all the testing again, I DO actually get it that this office would want to see the results “in real time” and consistent with their own testing measures.


But here were are… only a month and a half from our first appointment and at least a 1/2 dozen tests/procedures later and we’re where we should have been in May with the other office. (Thankfully, I DID get them to waive the MRI they suggested after the last blood test since I just had one earlier this year.)
Moving forward… Nurse Ann called in my Rx for Dostinex (which is used to lower prolactin) yesterday and I’ll be picking that up and staring that tomorrow.
All we’re waiting for to get started is Mike’s family prep screening, which we’re hoping to have Sunday night when we speak with the genetic counselor.
It’s possible that we’d start IUI as soon as my next cycle (though that could depend on dates, since the holidays are approaching and giving the drugs time to work).
I’m trying to stay positive and optimistic, though I’m realizing that my current state is just going through these steps. At this point, it feels clinical and detached, and I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than being depressed over the situation.
That said, the end game is the same. Becoming a mother, making Mike a father, is a dream that’s hopefully getting closer to reality. And that’s all that matters at the end of the day. 🙂

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