♥ Before the I DOs... ♥

Just. Got. Real.

All the planning, all the lists and still, sometimes this all feels like going thru the motions for someone else.  But last week, when Mike brought home our Marriage License from the court house… I couldn’t help but get a little emotional.  OUR names are on it! 🙂  And last night, we went ring shopping. Mine is done… Mike is between two options and couldn’t decide right away… he’ll get that order in soon though.  And I think that takes care of all of the “must haves”!

So, I have “TimeHop” on my phone…which grabs anything I posted on social media that day in the past.  A couple weeks ago, I read one from last year and it’s funny how things have changed both so much and so little in the past year.

“With all the craziness (& stress) of the move, it’s easy to lose some perspective. But the honest to God truth is, I simply cannot stop smiling… So excited for this new chapter to begin. :)”

Replace “move” with “wedding”, and same can be said.
I’m a little on edge, that’s no secret.  But I am SO excited for this wedding. So excited to see all of these fun details come to life.  So excited to see everyone we love in one place!

It can’t go unsaid, I have some of the best support in the world.  My mom… OMG, I don’t know what I’d do without her.  She has talked me off the ledge too many times to count.  And sometimes just lets me yell at her for no apparent reason.

Of course we’re excited, it’s our wedding.  And of course our immediate families are excited – they’ve waited awhile for this day too.  But for those outside of those circles who have paid particular interest, I can not express how good that makes us feel. I LOVE to hear about people’s excitement and support.  Hearing how people react to a wedding and all of its details is a is certainly an eye-opening experience.

This Friday/Saturday contains some events I’ve been waiting my entire life to have…

Friday – Mom, Aunt Lisa and I are heading to Sandra’s for my first dress fitting. I can hardly wait to put that dress on again.  And with those two, I’m certain we’ll share some (happy) tears.  Mom is taking us to lunch afterward… and she won’t say where.  So, I’m a little intrigued. 😉

Saturday – My shower!  I know about it, yes.  But I can’t wait to see what Amanda and Co. have cooked up. 🙂  So happy that all my bridesmaids are going to make it in for the festivities. From PA, VA, CA… will be nice to see everyone together (and meet!)

Saturday NIGHT – Girls Night Out! Bridesmaids and friends out for dinner, dessert and drinks.  Happy to say Kiera, Colleen and Andrea will all make it to the shower AND the night out.  So happy they’re making the trip… will be great to celebrate with my favorite girls!

Invitations are all written out and assembled.  Can’t wait to get them in the mail next week! 🙂

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