♥ Before the I DOs... ♥

Piece of Mind

So, our Engagement pictures come back and, biasly said, they look great!  I love that we had a chance to get to know how our photographer works and get a little more comfortable in front of the camera.  Wedding Day pictures should be a snap (pun intended).

Click Above to View our Album!

This week has been pretty productive.  I’ve uploaded all our pictures, got a start on the Save the Dates AND… Mike has picked out (and purchased – to lock in the $DEAL$) all the suits his guys will be wearing! I’m marrying a smarty-pants… the guys will get to KEEP their suits, all at the cost of a tux rental.

It’s officially MAY… bring on the spring/summer and the weather that goes along with it! 🙂

OH… and PS: we received our first gift from our registry yesterday.  I was a little confused at why there was an Amazon box, but I figured it out. 😉 Along with the fruit bowl I wanted, we also got the cake topper we’ll use at the wedding.  Yay! 🙂

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