♥ Before the I DOs... ♥


I think I’m at the point that I couldn’t wait to get to… the big things are kinda done. Decisions to be made and details to be put into action, but really, the “planning” itself is complete!  Not that there isn’t still a lot to do, mind you… but now it’s on MY schedule not trying to book other people’s time.

Our families were in town last weekend, and it was a fantastic time! We managed to cram “all things wedding” into Saturday afternoon.

Friday night, I surprised Mom (couldn’t hold it in anymore!) that the next day at noon we had an appointment to taste our wedding cake.  For those of you who know my mother… this thrilled her beyond belief.  I think she may deem the cake might to be the most important part of this wedding, LOL.

So, Saturday, we started at Piece of Cake bakery with my parents and Mike’s dad, where we tasted to our hearts’ content.  Tasty… and Jessica makes everything so easy.  The rest of Mike’s family (mom, Kristen, Al, Sarah, Leah…) met us AT the bakery before we headed out on our tour.

Next stop, we visited the two hotels were we have rooms blocked – just to show them the location is reference to our next stop… Morningside!

01 rehearsal (02).jpg

I was particularly excited to show everyone where we would get married (and party into the night!).  Before seeing it, Mom kept asking “what was wrong” with some of the other places we had visited and I really didn’t have an answer for her.  It was more about what Morningside DID have….  that VIEW!!  We really had to place to ourselves, so we were able to show them the entire place and really get into that “what, when, where” for the day of the wedding.  Everyone seemed to love our pick…. especially the little ones who spend some quality time rolling down those hills!  🙂

Next, we were off to get rid of some of the hunger pains at Brewer’s Alley (where our rehearsal dinner is going to be!). Lucky for us, the event coordinator was in and we were able to take our families up to the banquet facilities.  Also, our lunch was AMAZING.

With bellies full, we headed to our last stop and took them to the winery where we got engaged.  It was so nice to share “our” place with them, and of course they all did a sampling.  Between all of us, we walked out buying a case of wine. No wonder why they love us over there! LOL.

Truly, an awesome weekend. Also, truly exhausting… we’re still recovering a bit! 🙂

This coming Sunday we have our engagement shoot… which means I can create and send our “Save the Dates” not too long after that!  Soooo thankful that the weather looks like it’s going to cooperate.  73 degrees and somewhat sunny? I’ll take it!


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