♥ Before the I DOs... ♥

How is it March Already?

February, as always, FLEW by.  Before we know it – we’ll be only SEVEN months out.  Craziness.

For those who have offered to help and I haven’t given you anything to do, please don’t be offended. I’ve been planning this wedding in my head for months and I’m really just making it up as I go along.  Besides, this  beginning stuff has been fun to do with Mike, while his schedule still allows.  Don’t worry – you’ll be contacted when the DIY stuff needs to be done (probably over the summer) and Mike’s schedule simply won’t allow him to help me put centerpieces together.  😉

As of yesterday, 2 out of my 3 (adult) bridesmaids have tried on the dress and LOVE it.  Which is a huge relief to hear that they’re happy too.  After Saturday, I’m hoping we’re 3 for 3 and those will be ordered!  At that point, all dresses – Bridesmaid, Jr. Bridesmaid, Flower Girl, MOB, MOG… will be DONE.

After some thought (and change of plans on my part), Mike and I decided to have a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette weekend to include a day at Kings Dominion!  I had initially thought that the girls and I could just go out the night of my shower in August.  But the more I thought about it and talked to Mike about this new idea, a weekend based around one of our favorite places was so much more “us” than anything else we could come up with. And what a perfect way for everyone to get to know each other before all the other wedding events!  We’ve received some great feedback from our invite so far, and we can’t wait to spend the weekend with some of our favorite people.

My current list includes the ongoing task of getting all addresses together, designing the invitation, and of course – researching everything under the sun. Whatever am I going to do with my time come October 26th?!

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